Business to Business Alternative Marketing

One of the opportunities for Business to Business (B2B) marketers is to capture traffic for people searching for alternatives. People are researching application purchases or they’re unhappy and wish to leave a vendor – using terms like alternative to, or similar to, or applications like to describe their searches. Here’s a great example – a search for alternatives to Wufoo: Formstack took advantage of this search opportunity by building out an outstanding page that describes

Safari 4 Released – Firebuggishly Great!

Just installed the newest Safari (OS X Leopard, version 4) and there’s a couple great features I’ve already discovered. The most obvious addition is the panoramic preview of the sites you visit most (hmmm… something perhaps borrowed from Firefox?). The much more important feature I’ve discovered, though, is the inspect element feature (hmmm… something perhaps borrowed from Firebug?) As with any browser, Safari 4 is lightning fast since it’s just been released. It usually takes