How to Benchmark Your Amazon Advertising Account

There are often times that we wonder, as marketers, how our ad spend is doing in compared to other advertisers in our industry or across a specific channel. Benchmark systems are designed for this reason – and Sellics has released a free benchmark report for your Amazon Advertising Account to compare your performance to others. Amazon Advertising Amazon advertising offers ways for marketers to improve visibility to customers to discover, browse, and shop for products

Sidecar: Data-Driven Amazon Advertising Strategies

Amazon is not only the largest e-commerce destination on the web, it is also a leading advertising platform. While the Amazon audience is huge and visitors are primed to buy, navigating the channel proves to be more challenging. Launched last week, Sidecar for Amazon is a platform powered by advanced AI and natural language processing. The platform assists retailers apply data-driven strategies and proven best practices to drive significant revenue from Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands,