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  • Analytics & TestingUsing Heatmaps to Optimize Landing Pages

    Four Ways to Use Heatmaps to Optimize Your Landing Page

    Landing page optimization is one of the most challenging tasks, simply because there are no rights or wrongs. What works for some websites may not work so well for you. There are too many variables: colors, images, different kinds of calls-to-action (CTAs), etc. You can never be sure what distracts your visitors and what draws their attention. There are all…

  • Advertising TechnologyHow to improve programmatic advertising results

    4 Strategies For Improving Programmatic Advertising Results

    The introduction of programmatic advertising – automated purchasing and selling digital ad space – is one of the most significant breakthroughs in advertising. As most of us continually seek ways to increase our audience reach, every click, view, and interaction has become increasingly important. Programmatic ad spending soared to a staggering 418.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, and it’s expected…

  • Analytics & Testing
    Landing Page Optimization Tips, Checklist, AI, Testing, Best Practices

    How To Optimize Your Landing Pages To Maximize Conversions

    Several best practices can help maximize conversions and improve the overall performance of your landing pages. Here are some essential practices to consider: Reduced Options: A common practice among high-performing landing pages is removing extraneous navigation, clutter, and other options that may dissuade the user from leaving the page. This is why many companies utilize landing page platforms to build…

  • Sales EnablementOutsourced Lead Generation (Leadgen) Pros and Cons

    The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Scheduling

    Generating quality leads and scheduling appointments play a pivotal role in the success of B2B organizations. Many companies outsource these tasks to third-party providers to leverage specialized expertise, save time and resources, and improve efficiency. However, like any business decision, outsourcing B2B lead generation (leadgen) and appointment scheduling has advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will explore the reasons…

  • Analytics & TestingCandyspace CandyStack Composable Technology Stack and Architecture Benefits

    How A Composable Technology Stack Can Turbocharge Enterprise Agility

    We are living through an unprecedented time of great change and upheaval. A global pandemic and geopolitical tensions have led to tremendous uncertainty for many businesses across virtually every industry vertical.  There is an increased need for enterprise agility and the ability to make better informed, faster decisions to survive in this rapidly changing environment. That’s why so many businesses…

  • Analytics & Testingdata warehouse as a solution

    How You Use Attribution Analysis for Stronger Marketing Insight

    The number of touch points through which you interact with customers — and the ways they encounter your brand — has exploded in recent years. In the past, the choices were simple: you ran a print ad, a broadcast commercial, maybe direct mail, or some combination. Today there is search, online display, social media, mobile, blogs, aggregator sites, and the…

  • Analytics & Testinganalytics statistics

    You’re Not the Only One Struggling with Analytics

    We’ve provided the definition of analytics as well as listed out all of the online marketing analytics you can find to assist you with measuring the impact of your marketing strategies. As you can see by some of the statistics below, though, marketers continue to struggle with their analytics options and results. I believe the core of this is that…

  • Content Marketingcontent marketing conundrum

    The Content Marketing Conundrum

    Whether you’re across the pond or here in the Americas, I don’t believe the challenges with content marketing are indifferent… developing a measured strategy that develops compelling content relevant to your audiences across mediums and levels of intent is tough. There’s no secret, it’s simply hard work. As many of us would have expected their findings revealed that content budgets…

  • Analytics & TestingDepositphotos 3269678 s

    Ready, Fire, Aim

    This evening was a great night spent with some very well-known sales, marketing and branding experts. We were invited to a very nice restaurant in a private room. The purpose of the meeting was to help a colleague who wanted to take his business to the next level… or a few levels beyond where it is now. There was a…

  • Analytics & TestingHow often should I check analytics?

    The Less I Watch, the Better Things Get!

    Sometimes I wonder if long-term goals actually distract us from the job at hand. If you’re always yearning for more, are you ever happy with where you’re at? At times it takes something catastrophic at home or at work for us to figure out all we have to be thankful for. This last week, my blog is back on the…

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