Piwik Versus Google Analytics: The Advantages of On-Premise Analytics

We had a client that we recommended Piwik to. They were running into some serious reporting issues with both Google Analytics and a paid enterprise analytics because of the volume of visitors they were getting to their site. Large sites don’t realize that there are both latency issues and data limitations with Google Analytics. The client had a very talented web group so taking analytics internal would have been easy. Along with the flexibility to customize

Webtrends Streams: Real-Time Visualization and Targeting

Webtrends’ annual conference, Engage, just finished and they announced some intriguing enhancements to their software as a service (SaaS) analytics offering Webtrends Streams™. Webtrends Streams™ provides rich visitor-level details showing what an individual customer is doing in their current session. It provides the sequence of events that led the customer to where they are RIGHT NOW as-it-happens, allowing marketers to determine which products that user previously bought or looked at, or what path was taken before

Totally Awe.sm Social Media Analytics

When it comes to social media marketing, analytics is the game changer. Without analytics it becomes next to impossible to determine which campaigns are successful, where to direct the ad revenue, and what connects with customers. However analytics for the sake of analytics is of no use. Only those that explain how social media interventions add value or result in conversions matter. Awe.sm undertakes performance marketing for social media. It enhances social media analytics with