Favicon Generator: Why Don’t you have a Favicon?

This may seem trivial, but every time that I reach a beautiful site and there’s no associated favorite icon displayed in the browser, I wonder why the job wasn’t finished. Granted, my favicon isn’t that spectacular… I just wanted to get something up that differentiated my site from others: Basic Favicon Setup If you’ve not set up a favicon for your website, it’s incredibly simple. The easiest way is to drop an icon file called

Hunting Teens with Shotguns

I’ve been guilty of bashing Manufacturing here in Indiana as much as the next guy. When I think manufacturing job, I picture a guy in coveralls doing some monotonous production assembly line work over and over again. My perception probably isn’t different from teens nowadays, though. Manufacturing and logistics aren’t even exciting words. They’re old. They’re boring. It’s difficult to picture them any other way! The truth is that manufacturing and logistics are anything but