Adobe Spark: Social Graphics, Web Stories and Animated Videos

When Mari Smith says she loves a tool for marketing on Facebook, it means it’s worth looking into. And that’s just what I did. Adobe Spark is a free integrated web and mobile solution for creating and sharing impactful visual stories. Once you login using your Adobe ID or social login, you can start a new project or access previous projects you’ve already started or completed. You can also visit the #sparkmade gallery for inspiration!

Why You Should Be Implementing Your Video Marketing Strategy in 2015

Videos are now making it into every interaction we’re making online. From the launch of live video feeds on Twitter with Meerkat, the continued popularity of video on Facebook and Instagram, and the accessibility of high definition video on every mobile device. In fact, half of all video traffic is now routed to a mobile phone or tablet – that’s incredible growth. And it’s not simply that videos are popular or consumer-driven. More than 80%

GoAnimate Adds Enterprise, Whiteboard, and Infographic Video Features

Marketers realize that videos allow for an emotional connection and explanation videos that are 30 seconds to under 2 minutes are a fantastic way of garnering attention and improving conversion rates. Just last week, colleague Andrew Angle stopped by our office and told us how much he was enjoying working with GoAnimate and whether or not he could be of service. A few days later, I was seeing a live demonstration (from COO Gary Lipkowitz)

The Ultimate Guide to Explainer Videos (with Examples)

You’ve probably seen many websites using animated videos on their landing pages. No matter if you name them explainer videos or corporate videos; they all serve the same purpose: to explain a product or service in an easy and quick way, which makes them a great marketing tool for any business. Why are there different styles of explainer videos? Each style appeals to a different kind of audience and will also affect the budget of

GoAnimate: Design, Create and Distribute Animated Videos

We’ve been focusing quite a bit on video this morning because it’s such a key element of every strategy. Animation provides an incredible opportunity. We have a fantastic animator in our office but development, production and rendering of the animated videos can take weeks. GoAnimate is a platform where any business can create and manage their own animated videos. And right now you can save 40% on a 3 Month business subscription using our affiliate