Design Trends for 2019: Asymmetry, Jarring Colors, and Exaggerated Proportions

We’re working with a client that is moving up from medium-sized businesses to enterprise businesses and one of the key strategies is to graphically redesign their website – new fonts, new color scheme, new patterns, new graphic elements, and animation synchronized with user interaction. All of these visual indicators will assist a visitor that their site is focused on enterprise companies rather than smaller ones. I believe a lot of design agencies miss the subtleties

Add CSS Animation To Your WordPress Site with CSS Hero’s Plugin

CSS Hero is a fantastic resource for CSS modifications in WordPress themes for quite some time. Tools like these are making customizations simple to WordPress users who want to customize their designs, but lack the CSS coding experience necessary. CSS Hero Features Include Point and Click Interface – mouse hover and click the element you want to edit and adjust it to fit your needs. Theme Agnostic – Add Hero powers to your themes, no

Cinegif: Design Cinemagraphs and Animated Gifs

While video isn’t played by modern email clients, you can still capture your audience’s attention with animated gifs. A well-designed animated gif can increase your email click-through rates by double digits and they look fantastic on your average website without driving away visitors. Visitors aren’t used to seeing a subtle movement in an image in or around content in the browser unless they’re clicking a play button. The question for designers is how does someone

Moovly: Design Animated Videos, Banner Ads or Infographics

Our designer has been hard at work, recently producing an animated video for Right On Interactive. Aside from the complexity of the animation, rendering some of the videos takes hours utilizing standard desktop tools. Moovly (currently in beta) hopes to change that, providing a platform that allows anyone to easily create animated videos, banner ads, interactive presentations and other compelling content. Moovly is a simple online tool that lets you create animated content without having

Does Animation in Emails Really Work?

You have 30 seconds to capture your readers’ attention once they click on your email. This is definitely a small window. If you’re like me, then you might think that animation is a bit risky to use with email marketing, but you want to attract your recipients’ attention. So, what do you do? However, after going through our email marketing sponsor’s trend alert, this could be a wonderful tool for email marketers if incorporated effectively. Not only

Using Animation in Your Email Marketing

The use of animation in email marketing is on the rise. Why? It seems to work. Here you’ll find a collection of animated email examples as well as a few case studies, which support the practice.