Apple Marketing: 10 Lessons You Can Apply To Your Business

My friends love to give me a hard time for being such an Apple fanboy. I can honestly blame it all on a good friend, Bill Dawson, who bought me my first Apple device – an AppleTV… and then worked with me at a company where we were the first product managers to use MacBook Pros. I’ve been a fan ever since and now, outside of the Homepod and Airport, I have every single device.

Technology Marketing: The Apple Formula

Technology marketing, as opposed to marketing technology, is the way that products and services in technology are positioned to potential customers. Since our world and lives are moving online… the manner in which technologies are fantastic, leading examples of how to brand and market overall. It’s difficult not to think about technology marketing without speaking to Apple. They are fantastic marketers and do an even better job at positioning themselves in a crowded market with

Does Apple’s Marketing Suck?

Who’s marketing is really winning here, Apple or Microsoft? Click through if you don’t see the video. This post was inspired by a conversation I joined in regarding Microsoft gaining some ground back against Apple. The conversation continued on Twitter with a great tweet from Kara: From karaweber: @douglaskarr enjoyed today’s post. Snarky is out, & the “I’m a Mac” campaign is starting to read as snarky. (FTR, I’m an Apple fan, too). I hope