JSON Viewer: Free Tool To Parse and View Your API’s JSON Output

There are times when I’m working with JavaScript Object Notation APIs and I need to troubleshoot how I’m parsing the array that’s returned. However, most of the time it’s difficult because it’s just a single string. That’s when a JSON Viewer comes in very handy so that you can indent the hierarchical data, color code it, and then scroll through to find out the information you need. What is JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)? JSON (JavaScript Object

mParticle: Collect and Connect Customer Data Through Secure APIs and SDKs

A recent client that we worked with had a difficult architecture that patched together a dozen or so platforms and even more entry points. The result was a ton of duplication, data quality issues, and difficulty in managing further implementations. While they wanted us to add on more, we recommended that they identify and implement a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to better manage all data entry points into their systems, improve their data accuracy, comply

15 Questions You Should Ask About Their API Before Selecting A Platform

A good friend and mentor wrote posed a question to me and I’d like to use my responses for this post. His questions were a little more focused on one industry (Email), so I’ve generalized my responses to all APIs. He asked what questions a company should ask a vendor about their API before making a selection. Why Do You Need APIs? An application programming interface (API) is the interface that a computer system, library,

What does API stand for? And Other Acronyms: REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, WSDL

When you utilize a browser, your browser makes request from the clients server and the server sends back files that your browser assembles and displays a web page with. But what if you just wanted your server or web page to speak to another server? This would require you to program code to an API. What does API stand for? API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of routines,

Mashape Connects Developers and APIs

For the longest time, my goto for finding APIs was Programmable Web – but that may have changed after perusing Mashape. Mashape isn’t simple a searchable directory of APIs, it actually integrates the API directly into their repository. This enables you to sign up, find and test an API without any difficulty at all. Here’s their list of benefits and features: Everything in one Place – explore groups of APIs so you can pick, choose,

Managing Your Application Programming Interface

It’s 2:30AM here in Paris, France… and I can’t sleep so what better to do than to write a blog post! DK New Media has worked recently with two companies recently who have implemented technology to manage their application programming interface (API). APIs have become a powerful and necessary feature to any platform so that marketers can integration and automate their systems. The difficult part of implementing APIs for your software platform is ensuring your

Dear Abusive Client

I’m sure everyone has one of these types of clients. I’ve really been blessed over the last decade that I’ve had clients who have really enjoyed working with me. I’ve seen how some companies treat their clients and I hate it. I’ve always aimed at a higher level of service. I’ve over-promised AND over-delivered. But, geesh… that one client… if I could only write them a letter… Dear Abusive Client, Back when you selected us

API… Who’s building an APUI?

We’ve had Application Programming Interfaces for quite a while in the industry. The challenge of an API is finding the development resources needed to program the integration. It’s not easy. Utilizing any modern programming language, you usually are required to post variables to a service and then retrieve the results utilizing XML (eXtensible Markup Language). In 2000, I was working for a Database Marketing Consultancy in Denver, Colorado and we had a tool called Sagent