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  • Content MarketingTutorial Video Success Tips and Script

    How To Plan, Write, Edit, and Publish A Successful Tutorial Video

    A successful tutorial video involves engaging content, clear instructions, and high-quality production. Here’s an article that outlines the standard ingredients and script sections for creating a compelling tutorial video. Tutorial videos stand out as a go-to resource for knowledge seekers. With the rise in online education and DIY culture, creating a compelling tutorial video can be a lucrative skill. A…

  • Analytics & TestingAudiense Insights - Audience Segmentation and Analysis Platform

    Audiense Insights: Audience Segmentation Intelligence and Analysis Software

    A key strategy and challenge when developing and marketing a brand is understanding who your market is. Great marketers avoid the temptation of guessing because we’re often biased in our approach. Anecdotal stories from internal decision-makers who have relationships with their market often don’t uncover the overall view of our audience is for a few reasons: The loudest prospects or…

  • Content MarketingUse Social Listening to Improve Content Marketing

    5 Ways To Use Social Listening To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Content is king — every marketer knows that.  However, oftentimes, content marketers cannot just rely on their skills and talent — they need to incorporate other tactics in their content marketing strategy to make it more powerful. Social listening improves your strategy and helps you speak directly to consumers in their language. As a content marketer, you probably know that…

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