Digital Behavioral Data: The Best-Kept Secret to Striking the Right Chord with Gen Z

The most successful marketing strategies are fueled by a deep understanding of the people they are designed to reach. And, considering age is one of the most common predictors of differences in attitudes and behaviors, looking through a generational lens has long been a useful way for marketers to establish empathy for their audiences. Today, forward-leaning corporate decision makers are focusing in on Gen Z, born after 1996, and rightfully so. This generation will shape

Utilizing BlueOcean’s Proprietary AI To Unlock Connected Fitness Brand Insights

Every year, especially as we approach the holidays and reflect on the most memorable campaigns of the year, there are countless battles to see which brands have captivated audiences. With the stress and uncertainty that the pandemic brought this year, there’s a new battle, and this time it’s a battle for our health.  As we adapted to doing everything from home, we witnessed how the pandemic propelled the future of fitness. Smart at-home equipment like