The 3 Dimensions of Content Creation

There’s so much content being produced on the web right now that I’m truly having a difficult time finding articles of value – albeit through search, social or promotion. I am shocked at how shallow many of the content marketing strategies are on corporate sites. Some just had recent news and press releases about the company, others have an array of lists, others have feature releases about their products, and others only had heavy thought

Are You Feeding the 3 Styles of Learning?

Sites, emails and blogs are naturally visual and even kinesthetically interactive with the user. That is… you can see (visual) and you can interact (kinesthetic) with the content. What most sites, including Martech Zone, don’t do well is feeding listeners, though. The 3 Styles of Learning Visual – most learners are visual. They like to read and especially learn when that content is supported by charts and images. Auditory – there’s a segment of the