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  • Search MarketingGoogle Authorship Discontinued, rel="author"

    Google Authorship Was Discontinued, But rel=”author” Doesn’t Hurt

    Google Authorship was a feature that allowed Google to identify the author of a piece of content and display their name and profile photo alongside the content in search engine result pages (SERPs). It also was included as a direct ranking factor for content. Authorship was designated by adding rel=”author” markup to the content, which linked it to the author’s…

  • Content Marketingconfessions seo

    Confessions of the SEO Marketers

    Search engine optimization is one piece of marketing optimization, and it can be as confusing and contrived as a parking sign in New York City. There’s so many people talking and writing about SEO and many contradict each other. I reached out to top contributors in the Moz community and asked them the same three questions: What SEO tactic that…

  • Search Marketing

    A Flaw in Google’s People Identification – and the Danger

    Good friend Brett Evans brought an interesting search result to my attention. When some folks search for Douglas Karr, the context of the sidebar is filled with information about the film producer (not me), but with my photo. The fascinating thing is that there’s no connection between the Wikipedia data and my Google+ profile. There’s no link on his Wikipedia…

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