Setup Authorship with Yoast’s WordPress SEO

A while back, we shared how we had setup Authorship on our site. Authorship has become an important strategy, increasing click-through rates on search engine results that have the rich snippet, and increasing the likelihood that your WordPress site will get ranked well. There’s far less development necessary today to enable authorship thanks to some of the great plugin authors out there like Joost De Valk. Key to this method of enabling authorship is that

Authorship Plugin for WordPress

I’ve been beating up every company I know to take advantage of the authorship capabilities that Google has brought to market. I’ve seen a significant increase in click-throughs on our search engine results pages and so have our readers. Are you tired of me talking about it? Well, it’s even easier now to enable authorship features in WordPress thanks to an incredible plugin, called AuthorSure. Their plugin provides all the necessary features… in addition to

Don’t let Cigna get away with Murder

Rest in Peace, Nataline. If you’ve never been denied benefits, screwed on an insurance settlement, or heard of someone who has – you’re a lucky person! The insurance industry is one of the most profitable in the United States. The math is quite simple, the more people they let die – the better the profits. Can we change this with the Internet and the blogosphere? Can we literally bombard search engines with messages of Cigna