Econsultancy Releases B2B Content Marketing Guide

Reading Time: 2 minutes You may have noticed we did a little decorating of our top navigation on the site… blogging has now been replaced with content marketing. Seems that the powers that be have adjusted the marketing verbiage again. This time, I actually like the change. The term blogging was getting old… and combined with all the other distribution and promotion channels, it really has become one part of an overall strategy. The great folks at Econsultancy have

B2B Blogging – Webtrends Engage 2010

Reading Time: < 1 minute The great folks at Webtrends posted videos of the speakers at Webtrends Engage 2010. Here’s the 10 minute sprint I did – B2B Blogging and inbound marketing strategies. The modified presentation and notes were in my Blogging for Business post last week. Be sure to sign up for Webtrends Engage 2011 in San Francisco.

5 Keys to B2B Blogging

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week I’m working on a presentation for the Webtrends Engage conference. My topic is quite specific and the time slot is very brief (10 minutes), so it’s challenging me to do one heck of a presentation! I’ve been asked to speak to successful B2B Blogging. I’ve narrowed the keys to Business to Business Blogging down to 5 distinct strategies for the presentation: Be in front. It’s not enough to blog, you must be in

Top 3 Key Elements to Remember for B2B Blogging

Reading Time: 2 minutes In preparing for the Marketing Profs Business to Business Conference in Chicago, I decided to whittle my presentation slides to a bare minimum. Presentations with tons of bullet points are IMHO, terrible and visitors rarely remember any of the information presented. Instead, I want to pick three terms that should stick in marketers’ heads when it comes to B2B blogging. As well, I want to apply strong visuals so people would remember the message. Thought