A Must-Have List of Content EVERY B2B Business Needs To Feed The Buyer’s Journey

It’s puzzling to me that B2B Marketers will often deploy a plethora of campaigns and produce an endless stream of content or social media updates without the very basic minimum, well-produced content library that every prospect is seeking when researching their next partner, product, provider, or service. The base of your content must directly feed your buyers’ journey. If you don’t… and your competitors do… you’re going to miss your opportunity to establish your business

Changing Attitudes on B2B Content Marketing (with Statistics)

The Economist Group has done quite a thorough survey and analysis of B2B attitudes and produced this infographic with the results. With each question, there’s a comparison of business veterans versus the next generation of business buyers. It’s interesting to see the significant gap between the two. In reviewing the gaps, there are some fascinating differences Business veterans find research reports more helpful by a whopping 35%! Business veterans, by 26%, spend at least four

B2B Marketing Strategies for 2013 and Beyond

When we speak to companies that serve consumers, they always ask if we’ve worked with any B2C companies. When we speak with B2B companies, they ask if we’ve worked with B2B companies. In all honesty, strategies are very similar… it’s they numbers and the buying process that differs. However, we do see differences in the profit per purchase. B2C companies tend to lean in the direction of very high volumes and low revenue per purchase

5 Keys to B2B Blogging

This week I’m working on a presentation for the Webtrends Engage conference. My topic is quite specific and the time slot is very brief (10 minutes), so it’s challenging me to do one heck of a presentation! I’ve been asked to speak to successful B2B Blogging. I’ve narrowed the keys to Business to Business Blogging down to 5 distinct strategies for the presentation: Be in front. It’s not enough to blog, you must be in