B2B Social Marketing Universe

B2B Social Marketing requires establishment of a presence and growing authority in your industry. B2B companies who adopt an aggressive strategy to build their online presence across social mediums are recognized as thought leaders and their following brings business. I rarely see a B2B company explode in growth without having a social marketing strategy in place. And I’ve seen many B2B businesses struggle simply because they lacked one. Businesses that understand the importance of adding

B2B Profiling and Prospecting with Mintigo

After leaving the newspaper industry, one of my first jobs was developing prospect databases for B2B vendors. Using some third party tools, we developed a means to develop a custom index on firmagraphic traits on your client base. In other words, we would identify your ideal clients by revenue, number of employees, industry codes, years in service, location and any other information we could find. Once we knew what the common customer looked like, we