2014 B2B Digital Marketing Objectives, Budgets, Activities and Challenges

Omobono’s latest What Works Where research provides a revealing snapshot of B2B digital marketing in 2014. In partnership with The Marketing Society and Circle Research, they asked 115 senior business marketers about their digital marketing objectives, budgets, activities and challenges. The full report, including survey results, expert analysis and recommendations, will be published this month. To receive your digital copy as soon as it’s available, please sign up on Omobono’s site.​ Key findings from the

How Social is B2B?

We just asked, Why Isn’t Your Sales Rep on Social? so this infographic couldn’t be timed better! 61% of US Marketers are using social media to increase their lead generation. How Social is B2B is an infographic from InsideView that provides some solid stats and some great examples of how businesses are utilizing social media to grow their business-to-business sales and marketing results. More leads and faster closes… do you need much more of a