Graphic Design Terminology That Noobs Often Get Confused

I chuckled a little bit when I found this infographic because, as it turns out, I must be a graphic design noob. But, alas, it’s amazing finding out how much I don’t know about an industry I’ve been embedded deeply in for the last 25 years. In my defense, I only dabble and request graphics. Thankfully, our designers are far more knowledgeable about graphic design than I am. You need to know the difference between

Best Practices for Post and Status Update Formats

I’m not sure I would have called this infographic How to Create Perfect Posts; however, it does have some great clarification on what best practices work for updating your blog, video and social statuses online. This is the fourth iteration of their popular infographic – and it adds in blogging and video. Utilization of imagery, call-to-action, social promotion and hashtags are great advice and often ignored as marketers just work to broadcast their content. I

Body Background Images Done Easily

A nice feature you’ll find on many sites is where the center content area appears to overlay the page with a drop shadow behind it. It’s actually a fairly simple method to making your blog look nice (or other website) with a single background image. How is it done? Figure out how wide your content is. Example: 750px. Build an image in your illustration application (I use Illustrator) wider than the content area. Example: 800px.