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  • Search MarketingBacklinks: Nofollow, Dofollow, UGC, Sponsored, Linkbuilding

    What Are Nofollow, Dofollow, UGC, Or Sponsored Links? Why Do Backlinks Matter for Search Rankings?

    Every day my inbox is inundated with spamming SEO companies begging to place links in my content. It’s an endless stream of requests, and it irritates me. Here’s how the email usually goes… Dear Martech Zone, I noticed that you wrote this amazing article on [keyword]. We wrote a detailed article on this as well. I think it would make…

  • Search Marketing
    List of SEO Tools and SEO Platforms

    50+ Online SEO Tools for Audits, Backlink Monitoring, Keyword Research, and Rank Tracking

    We’re always on the lookout for great tools and with a $5 billion industry, search engine optimization (SEO) is one market that has a ton of tools to help you. Whether you’re researching your competitors’ backlinks, trying to identify keywords and co-occurrence terms, or simply trying to monitor how your site is ranking, here are the most popular SEO tools…

  • Marketing & Sales VideosWhen and How to Research, Audit, and Disavow Toxic Backlinks

    How To Do A Backlink Audit And Disavow Toxic Backlinks

    I’ve been working for two clients in two regions that perform identical home services. Client A is an established business with about 40 years of experience in its region. Client B is newer with about 20 years of experience. We completed implementing a fully new site after doing discovery for each of the clients that found some troubling organic search…

  • Marketing & Sales Videos
    What is a Backlinking Strategy?

    What Is Backlinking? How to Produce Quality Backlinks Without Putting Your Domain At Risk

    When I hear someone mention the word backlink as part of an overall digital marketing strategy, I tend to cringe. I’ll explain why through this post but want to begin with some history. At one time, search engines used to be large directories that were primarily constructed and ordered much like a directory. Google’s Pagerank Algorithm changed the landscape of…

  • Search MarketingLink Building Competitor Analysis

    How To Perform Competitor Analysis for Identifying Link Building Prospects

    How do you find new backlink prospects? Some prefer to search for websites on a similar topic. Some look for business directories and web 2.0 platforms. And some just buy backlinks in bulk and hope for the best. But there is one method to rule them all and it’s competitor research. Websites linking to your competitors are likely to be…

  • Marketing InfographicsHow Long Does It Take to Rank On Google?

    How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google Search Results?

    Whenever I describe ranking to my customers, I use the analogy of a boat race where Google is the ocean and all of your competitors are other boats. Some boats are bigger and better, some old and barely staying afloat. Meanwhile, the ocean is moving as well… with storms (algorithm changes), waves (search popularity crests and troughs), and of course…

  • Content Marketing

    The 4 P’s of Modern Search Engine Optimization

    The SEO world is shaking a bit at the news that Moz is cutting its staff in half. They state that they’re doubling down with a renewed focus on search. They’ve been a pioneer and essential partner in the SEO industry for years now. My outlook isn’t optimistic for the Organic Search industry, and I’m not sure it’s where Moz…

  • Content MarketingScreen Shot 2012 04 06 at 8.35.14 AM

    SEO Is Dead

    SEO is dead as we know it. The old math of increased backlinks and stuffing keywords is now a target for Google to identify your site and bury it in the search results. SEO is no longer a math problem, it’s a human one. Social indicators are becoming key to ranking and link algorithms are being retired. It’s time for…

  • Search Marketingseo cheat

    How to Find an SEO Cheat

    Search engine optimization is a double-edged sword. While Google provides guidelines to webmasters to optimize their sites and utilize keywords effectively to get found and indexed properly, some SEO folks know that exploiting those algorithms can shoot them directly to the top. SEO employees are under a lot of pressure to keep their companies ranking well, SEO consultants are under…

  • Search Marketing
    Depositphotos 69890933 m 2015

    The Secret of SEM: Google Results Are Rigged

    A friend of mine shared some results of his revenue for the last 2 years with Text Link Ads, a service where you can buy and sell links. Publishers sell links simply to make money – and there’s quite an opportunity for an established blog with a good following and ranking. For Advertisers, the opportunity is to use backlinks to…

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