The 4 P’s of Modern Search Engine Optimization

The SEO world is shaking a bit at the news that Moz is cutting its staff in half. They state that they’re doubling down with a renewed focus on search. They’ve been a pioneer and essential partner in the SEO industry for years now. My outlook isn’t optimistic for the Organic Search industry, and I’m not sure it’s where Moz should double down. While Google continues to build accuracy and quality results through artificial intelligence

The Backlink: Definition, Direction, and Dangers

To be honest, when I hear someone mention the word backlink as part of an overall strategy I tend to cringe. I’ll explain why through this post but want to begin with some history. At one time, search engines used to be large directories that were primarily constructed and ordered much like a directory. Google’s Pagerank Algorithm changed the landscape of search because they utilized links as a weight of importance. A common link looks

It’s Time to Stop Automated Press Release Distribution for SEO

One of the services we provide to our clients is monitoring the quality of backlinks to their site. Since Google has actively targeted domains with links from troublesome sources, we’ve seen a number of clients struggle – especially those who hired SEO firms in the past that backlinked. After disavowing all of the questionable links, we have seen improvements in ranking on multiple sites. It’s a laborious process where every link is checked and verified

Link Detox: Find Backlinks that are Killing your SEO

Backlinking continues to be a very, very dangerous sport. What once was the easiest method to build your ranking online can now get your site buried. Now it’s become imperative that you disavow the links that are killing your search ranking – enter Link Detox, part of the family of products in LinkResearchTools. Link Detox is a stand-alone tool that classifies a domain’s backlinks into 3 categories (toxic, suspicious, or healthy) and supports you in

Marketing Strategy Losers and Winners of 2012

As we begin to look back at the last year, I believe it’s important to get a clear picture of what marketing strategies are growing… both in popularity and results. It’s also important to recognize the strategies that had marketers running in circles and not really producing the results they were looking for or needed. Marketing Strategy Losers of 2012 Backlinking – One of our more controversial and popular posts in 2012 was announcing that