CodeGuard: Website Backup in the Clouds

About a year ago, we had a client call us and they were frantic. They deleted a user from their system and that user owned all of the content so the content was deleted as well. The content was was gone. Months of work to populate the site… all gone in a heartbeat. Our engagement was just to build out their theme, not manage the actual hosting and implementation. As a result, we only had

True Story: Drop Database? Click… Doh!

The following is a true story, dated today at approximately 11:00 AM while on my way out to lunch. This is NOT a paid post, but I have added a HUGE link to the company in appreciation of them saving my butt! Development 101 says that when you mess with your code or your data, you always first do a backup. No exceptions. The 15 minutes it may take to do that backup could save