Keep This Handy: The 10 New Rules of Crisis Communication

Our agency is located in Indiana and when the powers-that-be in the state passed their version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), a crisis ensued. It wasn’t simply a government crisis. Since it impacted the business sector, it became a crisis for all of us doing business within the state. Especially when some some business leaders outside the state began to speak out and threaten to boycott the state (fascinating given that they’ve never

Are you working with Philanthropic Organizations?

Today I joined my company’s charitable committee, ExactIMPACT. I don’t always have the opportunity or resources to give back so I decided that I should do some charity work at the place I spend the most time at! This Thanksgiving is looking pretty bleak for charities who watch over so many in our society who can not take care of themselves. That’s a pretty sad statement given the strength of our economy. One statistic to