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  • Advertising TechnologyPrivacy-Centric Advertising Best Practices with Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

    Gain Customer Trust With These Three Privacy-Centric Advertising Practices

    A one-size-fits-all advertising approach no longer cuts it. Customers expect personalized advertising experiences that cater to them. And they also want to have a say in how they see and receive ads.  But there’s a catch. Much of today’s advertising comes from third-party (3P) data. With the deprecation of third-party cookies and data privacy laws—not to mention consumers themselves are…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationVideo in HTML Email Best Practices

    Sendspark: Best Practices And Fallback Methodologies for Video In HTML Emails

    Getting the attention of your subscribers is becoming more and more difficult, necessitating strategies like interactive elements to entice a subscriber to engage with each email. One strategy that’s been growing in popularity is the use of videos in email. Video Support In HTML Email It’s important to note that when we say video in email, what we are really…

  • Artificial IntelligenceBest Practices for Improving Customer Journeys

    The Art & Science of Improving the Customer Journey in 2023

    Improving the customer journey requires constant attention as companies adjust their strategies to rapidly shifting consumer trends, buying habits, and economic conditions. Many retailers need to adjust their strategies more quickly… Up to 60 percent of potential sales are lost when customers express intent to purchase but ultimately fail to act. According to a study of more than 2.5 million recorded sales…

  • Martech Zone AppsSecure Password Generator

    App: How To Generate A Secure Password (And Our Generator)

    When you loaded this page, Martech Zone created a unique password for you: Password: Generate New Password Copy Password Our readers appreciated this app so much that we launched it on its own site, check out our password generator at Got Password? How To Generate A Password There are four unique characteristics of a strong password: Length – You’ll want to…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsBest Practices For A Better Experience For Considered Purchases

    3 Best Practices For A Better Experience For Considered Purchases

    Whether it’s a young couple buying their first home, new parents purchasing life insurance, or soon-to-be empty nesters securing a loan for their college student, considered purchases are big ticket items that involve a high degree of financial and emotional risk. They require time and forethought, and for most consumers, plenty of comparison shopping. 81% of Americans say they rely…

  • Artificial IntelligenceConversational Marketing Best Practices for Chatbots

    5 Lessons Learned From Over 30 Million One-to-One Customer Interactions in 2021

    In 2015, my co-founder and I set out to change the way marketers build relationships with their customers. Why? The relationship between customers and digital media had fundamentally changed, but marketing hadn’t evolved with it. I saw that there was a big signal-to-noise problem, and unless brands were being hyper-relevant, they couldn’t get their marketing signal strong enough to be…

  • Content Marketing
    Owning your domain, authority, and content

    Owning Your Domain!

    Companies often write content on other domains due to the popularity and reach of these external publications or social media platforms. This strategy can significantly enhance a brand’s visibility, tapping into the established audience of these platforms. And, of course, it can also considerably improve the other domain’s visibility and drive rank and authority to their brand. An example I…

  • Sales EnablementAllocadia

    Allocadia: Build, Track, and Measure your Marketing Plans with Greater Confidence And Control

    Growing complexity and mounting pressure to prove impact are just two reasons why marketing is more challenging today than it has ever been before. The combination of more available channels, more informed customers, the proliferation of data, and the constant need to prove contribution to revenue and other goals has resulted in mounting pressure on marketers to become more thoughtful…

  • Content MarketingAbout Us Page Best Practices

    Does Your About Us Page Follow These Best Practices?

    An About Us page is one of those pages detailed in every website checklist. It’s a more critical page than companies give it credit for. A great About Us page is often viewed by prospective employees and clients to learn more about the people behind a company. We often forget that it’s not just features and benefits that prospects are after…

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