Am I The Only One That Still Loves Creative Marketing?

I was driving on the West Side of town, looked over at a billboard, and there was a billboard for tools. Instead of the billboard being a typical ad, the advertisement went all the way to the ground. An arm ran up the post and the actual tool was in the billboard area. It looked as though the arm was coming right out of the ground. If I was in need of a hammer, I’d

Integrating Mobile into an Outdoor Advertising Strategy

Mobile Marketing is emerging and becoming more commonplace everyday.  Last week I was visiting family in the Myrtle Beach area and saw this billboard.  It was great to see a major attraction integrating mobile into their overall marketing strategy. Doug has a similar mobile integration on his site, you can text MartechLOG to 71813 and get an alert when he posts! I cut the shortcode out of this picture so no one would be tempted