List of Standard Ad Sizes for Online Advertising

Standards are a necessity when it comes to online advertising ad and call-to-action sizes. Standards enable publications like ours to standardize our templates and ensure the layout will accommodate ads that advertisers may have already created and tested across the net. With Google Adwords being the ad placement master, the pay-per-click ad performance across Google dictates the industry. Top Performing Ad Sizes on Google Leaderboard – 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall Half-Page –

Curated Social Media Wisdom from Top Enterprise Experts

What do Big Company Social Media Professionals know that the rest of us might not be so clear about? ReferralCandy dug into data from Jay Baer’s latest ebook, Social Pros All-Stars: Career Paths & Tips from 27 Big Company Social Media Professionals to see if we could find any meaningful patterns. The information includes tips on establishing your social media presence, growing your audience, building community and general wisdom on representing your brand well and

Am I The Only One That Still Loves Creative Marketing?

I was driving on the West Side of town, looked over at a billboard, and there was a billboard for tools. Instead of the billboard being a typical ad, the advertisement went all the way to the ground. An arm ran up the post and the actual tool was in the billboard area. It looked as though the arm was coming right out of the ground. If I was in need of a hammer, I’d