RIP: Frank Batten Sr – The Billionaire You Never Heard Of

Most people have never heard of Frank Batten Sr outside of Hampton Roads, Virginia. When I first left the US Navy and went to work at The Virginian-Pilot, I heard nothing but great things from the Pressmen that worked for the newspaper when they spoke of Frank Sr. He was known to come out to the presses and chat it up with all the employees – most of which he knew by name until his

Jack Welch is Wrong

I’m so glad to finally see an article that questions the methods that Jack Welch evangelizes. I believe he’s inconsiderate, mean-spirited, selfish and greedy. He was only successful by making customers and employees suffer. He may alone be a winner, but it was at the expense of so many others that have lost. I was driving home tonight and thinking about when I worked for Landmark Communications. I had the great pleasure of meeting Frank