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  • Marketing ToolsURL Shortening Platforms - Features and Benefits

    URL Shorteners: How They Work And Why Marketers Should Use Them

    URL shorteners are web services that transform long Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) into shorter, more manageable versions. They work by generating a unique, shortened URL that, when clicked or entered into a web browser, redirects the user to the original, longer URL. If you wish to do a great job with attribution and a better understanding of your marketing efforts,…

  • Advertising TechnologyQR Code Designer and Manager - Vector, PNG, EPS, JPG, SVG

    QR Code Builder: How To Design and Manage Beautiful QR Codes For Digital or Print

    One of our clients has a list of over 100,000 customers that they’ve delivered to but don’t have an email address to communicate them with. We were able to to do an email append that successfully matched (by name and mailing address) and we started a welcome journey that has been quite successful. The other 60,000 customers we are sending…

  • Content MarketingEveryoneSocial: Employee Advocacy and Social Selling

    EveryoneSocial: Turn Your Employees into a Social Amplifier

    EveryoneSocial is the leading employee advocacy and social selling platform that provides its customers with an average of 1,750 connections per employee, 200% increase in sales pipelines, 48% bigger deal sizes, 4x increase in brand awareness, and at one-tenth the cost of paid social media programs. Why Employee Advocacy? Every company has a powerful, untapped resource with the potential to…

  • Analytics & TestingHistory of Social and Web Analytics Through 2011

    The History of Web and Social Analytics (Through 2011)

    We love infographics… and if you haven’t noticed, we now have a category just for the Infographics. We love infographics so much that we’ve started to develop and design our own infographics and some for our partners and clients. This one was created for our client, Webtrends, and provides a social media and web analytics history. Here is a history…

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