A White Label URL Shortener

Reading Time: 2 minutes For quite some time, I was signed up with a service to shorten my URLs, but the cost of the system was quite expensive. Using my own subdomain cost much more in their pricing model. In fact, I was paying more for their URL shortening account than I was being charged for entire marketing platforms. I could have used a free version where my domain wasn’t customized, but I I wanted folks to trust and

EveryoneSocial: Turn Your Employees into a Social Amplifier

Reading Time: 2 minutes EveryoneSocial is the leading employee advocacy and social selling platform that provides its customers with an average of 1,750 connections per employee, 200% increase in sales pipelines, 48% bigger deal sizes, 4x increase in brand awareness, and at one-tenth the cost of paid social media programs. Why Employee Advocacy? Every company has a powerful, untapped resource with the potential to amplify marketing, drive sales & energize HR; the voice and networks of your employees. Simply put,

CoSchedule: Editorial and Social Publishing Calendar for WordPress

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wow… just wow. I had read about CoScedule a couple months ago and finally had some time to sign up for the trial and give it a test drive. Absolutely fantastic plugin with many more capabilities that I had imagined. The ability to look at your WordPress blog with an editorial calendar of posts had been done before, even with drag and drop capabilities. CoSchedule takes the editorial calendar to an entirely new level, though.