10 Email Tracking Metrics You Should be Monitoring

As you view your email campaigns, there are a number of metrics that you need to focus on to improve your overall email marketing performance. Email behaviors and technologies have evolved over time – so be sure to update the means by which you monitor your email performance. In the past, we’ve also shared some of the formulae behind key email metrics. Inbox Placement – avoiding SPAM folders and Junk filters must be monitored if

BlackBox: Risk Management for ESPs Fighting Spammers

BlackBox describes itself as a consolidated, continually updated database of nearly every email address that is actively being bought and sold on the open market. It is used exclusively by Email Service Providers (ESPs), in order to predetermine if a sender’s list is permission-based, spammy, or outright toxic. Many of the problems that email service providers run into is fly-by-night spammers that purchase a large list, import it into their platform, and then send to

Getting Removed from Comcast’s Blacklist

If you’re sending a lot of email from your application of via email marketing, you need to ensure you’re site is whitelisted with the major Internet Service Providers. I’ve previously written about whitelisting with AOL and Yahoo! Today we found out that there may be an issue where our site may be being blocked by Comcast. Comcast does have some info to tell whether or not they are blocking your email. I’ve written in the

WordPress: The #1 Plugin every site MUST have

Today my site got demolished!!! I’m not sure which set of spambots got a hold of me, but they have been killing my website all day. These are comment spam-bots that try over and over again to submit comment Spam. WordPress has no protection against this type of attack. And Akismet only helps AFTER the submission of the comment spam. I needed something that would basically deny the post and that’s exactly what the Bad