Video: Innovation is Achieved by Solving Problems

On Friday, I was provided an amazing opportunity to participate in Compendium’s Innovation Summit. Under the leadership of President Frank Dale, with an idea from Blake Matheny, and with the support of founder Chris Baggott and Sales VP Scott Blezcinski, the company took a “time out” from working and, instead devoted a day to innovation. Chris started out the initiative with the amazing story of how he failed in one business, but after identifying the

The Internet Runs Better without Flash

Steve Jobs was right. The first person who advised me to get a Flash blocker was Blake Matheny. Blake is one of the best engineers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with – and I’ve worked with him both at Compendium and at ChaCha. You’d think that I would have listened to a guy that transformed the entire infrastructure and platform at at least two different technology companies. I didn’t listen to him. I