How to Pitch an Influencer, Blogger, or Journalist

In the past, I’ve written about how to NOT pitch a blogger. The saga continues as I get an endless stream of unprepared public relations professions who don’t have the information I need to promote their client’s products or services. It took a while to actually get a pitch that was worth showing. I received an email from a social media strategist with Supercool Creative. Supercool is a creative agency specializing in online video creative

Pressfarm: Find Journalists to Write About Your Startup

At times, we have pre-revenue, pre-investment startups who ask us for marketing assistance and there’s really nothing we can do since they don’t have budget. We often provide them some advice which consists of incentivizing word-of-mouth marketing (aka referrals) or to take what little money they have and get a great public relations firm. Since content and inbound marketing requires research, planning, testing and momentum – it takes too much time and requires to many

How NOT to Pitch to an Influencer, Blogger, or Journalist

I received this email from a public relations professional to see if I would blog about their customer on the Martech Zone. This is the entire email, followed by her contact information and phone number. [Client Name] is expanding its international business and services by acquiring a UK-based multimedia service provider next week, further strengthening its global footprint and reaching new markets. Through this acquisition [Client Name], known for producing unrivaled multimedia experiences for brands