10 Content Trends Advertisers Cannot Afford to Ignore

At MGID, we see thousands of ads and serve millions more of them every month. We track the performance of every ad we serve and work with advertisers and publishers to optimize the messages. Yes, we have secrets that we share only with customers. But, there are also big picture trends that we want to share with everyone interested in native performance advertising, hopefully benefitting the entire industry. Here are 10 key trends that are

Jamballa: Blogger Outreach for Brands

Blogger outreach can provide businesses with high quality reviews, product awareness and good brand perception, by being aligned with respected bloggers in your industry. Jamballa is a new service matching bloggers and brands together based on criteria they specify. This means bloggers are never hassled by products they are not interested in and businesses are only connected with bloggers who want to work with them. Jamballa also offer press release services that go out to

No One Cares About Your Blog!

On a daily basis I get at least one ribbing about my blog. I don’t take offense. I think to myself, “it’s a blogger thing, you wouldn’t understand”. The truth is that I have greater respect for bloggers than I do non-bloggers. (Please notice I said ‘greater’ respect. I didn’t say that I don’t have respect for non-bloggers.) There are a number of reasons: Bloggers share knowledge freely. Bloggers challenge conventional thinking. Bloggers seek knowledge.

2,000 Bloggers Gaming Technorati? Waaaaah!

My blog was enlisted a while back in the Z-List. It was a fantastic list of little known bloggers that worked very hard at their craft and had a growing level of influence in the blogosphere and on the web. The list was republished on hundreds of blogs, influencing our rank on Technorati and on our Search Engine placement. At its peak, blogging A-lister Seth Godin even spent some time talking about it. A new

Nielsen Comparing Apples to Oranges, Podcasting to Blogging

As with my entry previous on the ‘tubes’ filling up on the internet, it always surprises me when folks who claim to be experts stand up and say something really stupid. Nielsen recently released a comparison of Podcast users to Blogging. This is a very bizarre comparison. Podcast users are consumers, and bloggers are suppliers. How in the world do they relate? Because both use the internet? Another example of how mainstream media doesn’t have