Q&A: Reinventing Business Forums

Over the past year, various question and answer interfaces have been popping up across the Internet, including Quora, Opinionaided, and LinkedIn Answers. The concept of Q&A isn’t a new one, but the application has shifted from general topics to business applications. The original players in this field, Answers.com, Ask.com, Quora, etc., were used for general questions such as “What are the odds of winning the lottery?” and didn’t focus on social interaction. The new interfaces,

Five Questions on Content Optimization Strategies

Off and on I notice that some social media pundits telling companies it doesn’t matter where they participate in social media, only that they actually do. Others argue development of a social media strategy before ever starting. There are five questions you need to ask yourself when creating content on the web: Where should the content be placed? – the platform that you’re placing the content on should be optimized for the target audience you

4 Questions to Ask Your Website Visitor

Avinash Kaushik is a Google Analytics Evangelist. You’ll find his blog, Occam’s Razor, is an outstanding web analytics resource. The video can not be embedded, but you can click through on the following image: Avinash touches on fantastic insights, including analyzing what is NOT in your website that should be. Avinash mentions iperceptions, a company who assists companies understand customer satisfaction. They simply ask 4 questions: 4 Questions to Ask Your Website Visitor Who is