The Hubris of Geocentric Marketing

Copernicus was the arguably the father of modern day astronomy when he argued a heliocentrism over a geocentrism. In other words, the sun was the center of our system of planets, not the Earth. It was blasphemous and he was up against an entire culture of scholars that were intertwined with religion at the time. But he was correct. Applied to Marketing, we have the issue today. For some reason, when companies get large, they

Borders Live at 01: Borders vs. Amazon Email Marketing

If you don’t have a Borders store around you, I’m sorry. If you do, you might like this site that Borders has launched, Borders Live at 01: Wow… books, live music and Seattle’s Best Coffee! That’s like heaven for me! It also appears that the Borders Email Newsletter has gotten an overhaul, it’s really fun to read now. Borders is definitely winning the email war! Take a look at this comparison to Amazon’s email: