Visual Communication is Evolving in the Workplace

This week, I was in two meetings with different companies this week where internal communications were the focus of conversation: The first was Sigstr, an email signature marketing tool to manage email signatures across the company. A key issue within organizations is that employees are focused on their job responsibilities and don’t always take the time to communicate the brand externally to prospects and customers. By managing email signatures across an organization, Sigstr ensure’s that new

The Future of User Interaction: Beyond Touchscreens

This infographic from Shop Smart discusses the future of user interfaces beyond the touchscreen. Perhaps the most advanced user interface I’m using today my Apple Watch. The combination of multi-touch, pressure, buttons, and dials is complicated. And with my big fingers, it’s not always a seamless experience. I’m excited about the future! The Future User Interaction and Interfaces Shop Smart itemizes some technologies that are on the verge of changing user interaction: Holographs – Microsoft

The Greatest Marketing Technology Ever

No, I have nothing to sell you. Rather, I want to remind you of a profound truth you may have forgotten: that the most powerful tool for marketing your business efficiently is one you already have. It’s the world’s most advanced computational engine – your own brain. The call to actually use your own noggin is one we hear all the time. It’s what parents and teachers say to kids, what frustrated managers say to