Extole: Brand Advocacy and Referral Marketing

As consumers become more tone-deaf to interruptive marketing, it’s an imperative that brands identify their advocates and provide them the tools necessary to help refer their products and services. Extole’s referral marketing platform creates advocacy programs that scale for the biggest brands. On-Brand Sharing Create an effortless, integrated advocate sharing experience. A referral program tailored to your brand will turn more of your customers into advocates and increase brand awareness. Extole provides referral marketing software

SOCXO: Advocacy Marketing with Performance-Based Pricing

As part of the Content Marketing landscape, Digital Marketing has so far been the preferred approach for Brands to reach and engage its audience online. The typical Digital Marketing model comprises a combination of Email, Search and Social Media Marketing and has so far used a formulaic and paid approach to create and distribute brand content online. However, there have been challenges and debates on the strategy, measurability, outcomes and ROI of the paid media

Content Marketing: Forget What You Heard Until Now and Start Generating Leads by Following this Guide

Are you finding it difficult to generate leads? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone. Hubspot reported that 63% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. But you’re probably wondering: How do I generate leads for my business? Well, today I’m going to show you how to use content marketing to generate leads for your business. Content marketing is an effective strategy you can use to generate leads

What is Brand Advocacy? How Do You Cultivate It?

As I look back at the last decade of our own agency’s clientele, many customers have come and gone who we inadvertently met through our inbound marketing efforts. However, the foundation of our business has been word-of-mouth marketing from those customers we’ve produced results for over the years. In fact, three of the proposals that we’re currently working on in are related directly to previous clients that we’ve worked with. It’s no surprise that and 90%

The Impact of Brand on a Consumer Purchase Decision

We’ve been writing and speaking a lot about attribution and the purchase decision as it relates to content production. Brand recognition plays a significant role; perhaps more than you think! As you continue to build awareness of your brand on the web, keep in mind that – while the content may not immediately lead to a conversion – it can lead to brand recognition. As your presence increases and your brand becomes a trusted resource,

Buzzoole: Execute Campaigns with Brand Advocates and Influencers

Buzzoole is a campaign management tool that you can utilize to invite influencers and brand advocates to promote specific and detailed campaigns, then measure the impact of the campaign through their interface. The advocates you select can also exchange the points they receive in gift cards to shop online. Users sign up for Buzzoole utilizing Twitter or Facebook and the system analyzes their content and generates a profile that can be utilized by brands to