A 4-Point Plan to Transform Your B2B Customers into Brand Evangelists

If you were spending an evening in a city you’d never visited before and had two restaurant recommendations, one from the hotel concierge and one from a friend, you’d probably follow your friend’s advice. We generally find the opinions of people we know and like more credible than a stranger’s recommendation — it’s just human nature.  That’s also why business-to-consumer (B2C) brands invest in influencer campaigns — friendly recommendations are an incredibly powerful advertising tool. It

What is Brand Advocacy? How Do You Cultivate It?

As I look back at the last decade of our own agency’s clientele, many customers have come and gone who we inadvertently met through our inbound marketing efforts. However, the foundation of our business has been word-of-mouth marketing from those customers we’ve produced results for over the years. In fact, three of the proposals that we’re currently working on in are related directly to previous clients that we’ve worked with. It’s no surprise that and 90%

Buzzoole: Execute Campaigns with Brand Advocates and Influencers

Buzzoole is a campaign management tool that you can utilize to invite influencers and brand advocates to promote specific and detailed campaigns, then measure the impact of the campaign through their interface. The advocates you select can also exchange the points they receive in gift cards to shop online. Users sign up for Buzzoole utilizing Twitter or Facebook and the system analyzes their content and generates a profile that can be utilized by brands to

Convert Customers into Advocates with Zuberance

The best way to promote a brand is by having a bunch of highly satisfied customers talk about it. The best customer to do it is a brand advocate – a customer whose satisfaction has reached the level of passion. Such brand advocates make powerful recommendations that usually have a long lasting impact. But brands need a clear cut way to identify such customers in the first place, and then leverage them as brand advocates.