Affordable Marketing Automation for Any Size Business

Marketing Automation is the name given to software platforms designed for marketing departments and organizations to simplify processes by automating repetitive tasks. One of those tasks is the ability to identify a visitor on your site, capture their information, and develop an ongoing communication strategy with them… accomplished with little or no resources using automation. According to the Aberdeen group, companies who deploy marketing automation systems: Have a 107% better lead conversion rate. Have 40%

Easy Surveys with any Email Platform

I see a lot of companies struggle with email surveys. Some email providers have tried to embed forms into their applications, only to find out that most email clients (online and off) won’t render the email survey properly. Unfortunately, email is often best designed when it fits the capabilities of the worst email client. Since email clients do offer the opportunity to click on links, the easiest way to capture a simple poll or survey

Amazon Simple Email Service – SMTP in the Cloud

As a user of Amazon Web Services, I occasionally get emails from them announcing new services or inviting me to take part in some beta or other.  Last week I received an email announcing Amazon Simple Email Service.   Amazon SES is primarily a developers tool.  It is specifically for those who wish to create their own email delivery/marketing systems as opposed to using an Email Service Provider’s (ESP) platform.  It is basically SMTP in the cloud.

Conversions: Meet the Intent of your Visitor

It may seem like an obvious question, but it when your site is designed to respond to the intent of each kind of visitor you’re able to convert more. Visitors will come to your site for a number of reasons: Seeking Information – both clients and prospects may be looking for specific answers. Can they find them? If not, can they contact you to find the answers? Discover – many times visitors will land on

Increase email productivity with offline mode

Most people who know me are aware of my love affair with Inbox Zero. First made popular by Merlin Mann, Inbox Zero is a method of managing your email and keeping your inbox empty. It’s a great email productivity system. I’ve taken the concepts, distilled them a bit further, and and added a few new twists. I also teach educational sessions on email productivity on a regular basis. Though I’m a big fan, not everyone

How to Let Customers Drive Your Next Campaign

A few weeks ago, we installed Ooma – a VOIP solution for a home or small business. It’s pretty amazing – even integrating Google Voice (which is our company phone number). Today, we received this email and I instantly loved it. That question is the only question you really need to ask your customers when it comes to satisfaction. When your customers put their own reputation on the line to recommend your business, you know

Digital Body Language at The Online Marketing Summit

As of today, my list of books to read just got one deeper. I had the pleasure of speaking at the Online Marketing Summit in Houston on behalf of Compendium. At the summit was also Steven Woods of Eloqua. Steven’s keynote and panel conversations were insightful and thought provoking. Steven has released the book, Digital Body Language – Deciphering Customer Intentions in an Online World: Marketing is undergoing a major shift that has been brought