Is Brand Loyalty Really Dead? Or is Customer Loyalty?

Whenever I talk about brand loyalty, I often share my own story when purchasing my cars. For over a decade, I was loyal to Ford. I loved the style, the quality, the durability, and the resale value of every car and truck I purchased from Ford. But that all changed about a decade ago when my car got a recall. Whenever the temperatures dropped below freezing and the humidity was high, my car doors would

Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

Trust and authority… they’re the only two words that are central to a content marketing strategy, in my opinion. As businesses and consumers look online to research your products and services, they have probably already made a decision to purchase. The question is whether or not they’re going to purchase from you. Content marketing is the opportunity for you to establish that trust and authority online. Wrapping both resources and a process around your content

Scale: Data Storage in a Box!

This may be a bit of a geeky, techy, post but I just had to share it with you. One of the objectives of Martech Zone is providing folks with information on technology as well as marketing – so you’ll see some cool posts on technology in the mix from time to time. If this post begins to read like Klingon, just pass it on to your CIO. I’m sure he will be impressed! This