How to Build Your Brand Online

We tend to get into the weeds sometimes as we’re blogging about specific marketing technologies are techniques. There are still a ton of companies out there that have not built out an adequate web presence to begin acquiring leads or conversions online. This is a solid infographic on how to build your brand online. Today, businesses must establish a powerful presence online in order to attract customers near and far. A website creates personal connections

Newsflash: Strategy is Still Important

Lately I’ve been overhearing a lot of conversations about marketing that sound more like FIRE! than Ready. Aim. Fire! I know budgets are tight and some marketers are feeling a bit desperate. But please, do yourself a favor and remember the strategy behind the tactics with which you so enthusiastically charge forward. If you haven’t for a while, I highly recommend that you revisit your macro strategy at some level. Ask yourself some questions such

Brand Aid: The State of Branding

I happened across a great post this evening about the State of Branding. I don’t disagree at all with the author, Brad VanAuken, but I did want to add a few points. It’s been a couple years since I formally worked as and along side brand managers, but I want to make a key point that may be obvious but needs stated. While in the newspaper industry over the last decade, I saw the growing