How to Own Digital Transformation with Influencer Relations

Your customers are becoming more informed, empowered, demanding, discerning, and elusive. The tactics and metrics of the past no longer align with how people make decisions in today’s digital and connected world. By implementing technology marketers are able to fundamentally impact the way brands view the customer journey. In fact, 34% of digital transformation is lead by CMOs compared to only 19% being spearheaded by CTOs and CIOs. For marketers, this shift comes as a

What Factors Make for a Successful Social Media Strategy?

This afternoon, I was sitting with some leaders in business, social and digital media and we were talking about what it takes for successful marketing. The overwhelming consensus was pretty simple, but you’d be surprised at how many companies struggle… where to start. We shared stories of companies who didn’t understand their value proposition, but they were shopping for new sites. We shared stories of companies who didn’t have any sales and marketing alignment, and

Follow the Top Social Media Influencers of 2014

Dr. Jim Barry of the Edu-Tainment Social Content Marketing blog has put together a list of the top social media influencers (with yours truly on it!). The good Doctor has written up a fascinating, detailed post on the 4 archetypes of these influencers, describing the traits and types of influence they have in the industry, including: Educators – provide help and insight Coaches – engage and assist (you’ll find me here!) Entertainers – engage and

Social Influencers

I think too many marketers look at social influence as if it’s some kind of new phenomena. I don’t believe it is. In the early days of television, we used the newscaster or the actor to pitch items to the audience. The three networks owned the audience and there was trust and authority established… so the commercial advertising industry was born. While social media provides a two-way means of communication, social media influencers are still

The New Media Manifesto

It’s interesting that those in the social media industry believe everything that’s occurring with respect to social media is new. As I look back to direct marketing, database marketing, networking and advertising – I don’t believe our goals for businesses were different at all. There are a lot of doom and gloom stories about how every business must adapt or they’re going to fail. I don’t believe that’s true. While I agree that the mediums