Checklist: A Comprehensive List Of 40+ Steps To Successfully Launch A New Website, Online Store, or Do A Site Refresh

Whether I’m launching a website on a new domain or relaunching a client website, there are a number of steps that I take to ensure that the site is properly launched and fully accessible to users and search engines. I will mention some examples of plugins or applications in the following article, but this is not a platform-specific article. This article assumes that you’ve built the site locally or on a staging area and are

Test Across Devices Easily with Adobe Shadow

If you’ve ever been testing a site across mobile and tablet browsers, it can be both painstaking and time-consuming. Some companies have come up with tools to mimic rendering on the devices, but it’s never quite the same as testing on the device themselves. I was reading Web Designer magazine today and found that Adobe launched Shadow, a tool to help designers pair up and work with the devices in real time. At first glance,

Cross Browser Testing Made Easy

If you’re in web development or web design, you know that one of the most frustrating tasks upon completing a beautiful design is actually ensuring that it works across all browsers. Not only can the browser and operating system severely impact how a page renders, so can the plugins that you are running! We’re launching a site for VA Loan Captain, who purchased a theme from a third party. Rather than trying to guess whether