The 9-Step Guide to Create an Optimized Blog for Search

Even though we wrote Corporate Blogging For Dummies about 5 years ago, very little has changed in the overall strategy of content marketing via your corporate blog. According to research, once you write more than 24 blog posts, blog traffic generation increases by up to 30%! This infographic from Create the Bridge walks through some best practices for optimizing your blog for search. I’m not sold that it’s the ultimate guide… but it’s pretty good.

Conversion Metrics for Business Blogging

There are many in the social media world out there that judge a blog’s success by metrics of engagement such as comments. I don’t. There is no correlation between this blog’s success and the number of comments on it. I do believe that comments can impact a blog – but because it’s not something you can directly control I don’t pay attention to it. If I wanted comments, I’d write link baiting headlines, controversial content

Presentation: Why Your Business Should Be Blogging

I discussed this presentation earlier, but today while practicing, I added annotation slides and posted the presentation to Slideshare. This is my presentation for the Marketing Profs Conference – Marketing Business-to-Business Forum 2007 in Chicago tomorrow and Tuesday.

The Business of Blogging = Findability

Please take one hour out of your week and watch this video from Dave Taylor. It’s a fantastic summary of why to blog, why to blog with your business, the benefits of blogging and search engine optimization, the benefits of comments on your blog as user generated content… it’s simply a wealth of information in a great presentation.