Linq: Your Provider of Near Field Communication (NFC) Business Card Products

If you’ve been a reader of my site for a long time, you know how excited I get over different kinds of business cards. I’ve had post-it note cards, square cards, metal cards, laminated cards… I enjoy them immensely. Of course, with the lockdowns and inability to travel, there wasn’t much of a need for business cards. Now that travel is opening up, though, I decided it was time to update my card and get

How to Use Font Awesome in Illustrator and other Applications

My son needed a business card for his DJ and music production business (yes, he’s almost got his Ph.D. in Math). To save space when displaying all of his social channels on his business card, we wanted to provide a clean list using the icons for each service. Rather than purchasing each of the logos or a collection from a stock photo site, we used Font Awesome. Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can

Canva: Kickstart and Collaborate Your Next Design Project

Good friend Chris Reed of Cast A Bigger Net messaged me asking if I had given Canva a try and he told me that I’d love it. He’s absolutely right… I was messing with it for a couple hours already last night. I’m a huge fan of Illustrator and have used it for many years – but I’m design-challenged. I believe that I know a good design when I see it, but I often have

The Flash Drive Business Card

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know I’m a sucker for technology… and business cards. When I meet someone and they hand me a card, I’m terribly judgmental. Yesterday, I met with Rob Bacallao from Sharp Staffing and he handed me this beauty: The Wafer flash drive business card from Flashbay is pretty cool – coming in 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb versions, here’s the online description: The Wafer USB Card is one

A Unique Business Card… er Chip

This afternoon, I had a great meeting with our business consultant Harry Howe and our business insurance agent, Joe Glaser. It was a great meeting because Joe and Harry are masters at dialing down all the nuances of risk and insurance into a concise meeting where they basically tell me what I should do and I trust them to get it done. We carry insurance for a number of reasons… whether it’s equipment theft or

A Wordle Business Card!

Wordle hit the blogosphere a couple weeks ago and bloggers have been buzzing! Wordle is a Java application that transforms your tag cloud into a thing of beauty. I thought Wordle was cool, but not necessarily blogworthy. Today I consulted for Sharpminds. One of the folks in the session, Linda Watts, handed over her card and it instantly put a smile on my face! Linda had an entire collection of them (as well as some

Recommendations for Business Cards?

My son and I are watching American Psycho. It’s a disturbing movie, but the business card scene is my favorite (Huey Lewis is a close second). I’ve had blog-based business cards for a while, but now that I’ve changed my domain name, I’d like to get something very unique. Any ideas? Nothing in bone, please.