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  • Sales and Marketing TrainingWhat Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

    What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

    A digital marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan to achieve specific marketing goals and objectives using various online channels, mediums, and technologies. It involves identifying target audiences, setting marketing objectives, and leveraging digital platforms and tools to engage, convert, upsell, and retain customers. A well-designed digital marketing strategy can help businesses build brand awareness, generate leads, increase sales, and improve…

  • Analytics & TestingAcquisition Channels for Scalable Growth

    6 Steps to Find the Right Acquisition Channels for Scalable Growth

    Marketing is essential to building brand awareness, driving sales, and fostering a sense of loyalty within a customer base. Even when leveraging self-serve and product-led growth strategies, you must first make people aware of your product before you can convert the average consumer into a loyal customer. That much hasn’t changed. What has changed, however, is the number of acquisition…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsContext and Personalization in the Customer Journey

    The Key to Understanding And Personalizing the Consumer Journey Is Context

    Every marketer knows that understanding consumer needs is critical for business success. Today’s audiences are more conscious about where they shop, partly because they have so many choices available, but also because they want to feel like brands align with their personal values. More than 30% of consumers will quit doing business with a preferred brand after just one bad experience.…

  • Marketing Infographicsstate of social media marketing

    State of Social Media Marketing

    Awareness has published The State Of Social Marketing Report: 7 Major Findings & In-Depth Analysis and an associated infographic (below). The report dives into the numbers to detail items with important business value, including: Misalignment Between Business Objectives, Measurement Methodologies and Social Marketing Investment Tighter Integration between Social and Rest of Marketing and Business Overall Social Marketers Are Starting to…

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