A Must-Have List of Content EVERY B2B Business Needs To Feed The Buyer’s Journey

It’s puzzling to me that B2B Marketers will often deploy a plethora of campaigns and produce an endless stream of content or social media updates without the very basic minimum, well-produced content library that every prospect is seeking when researching their next partner, product, provider, or service. The base of your content must directly feed your buyers’ journey. If you don’t… and your competitors do… you’re going to miss your opportunity to establish your business

Upstream, Upselling, and Downstream Marketing Opportunities For Business Growth

If you asked most people where they find their audience, you’ll often get a very narrow response. Most advertising and marketing activity is associated with the vendor selection of the buyer’s journey… but is that already too late? If you’re a digital transformation consultation firm; for example, you may fill out all the details in a spreadsheet by only viewing your current prospects and limiting yourself to the strategies you’re proficient at. You might do

Your B2B Sales Strategy Hasn’t Adjusted to the Buyer’s Journey

Alright… this is going to sting a little, especially to my friends in sales: Sales teams are struggling to engage with customers and meet their targets leading to a loss in sales productivity. The customer is increasingly difficult to reach, leading to sales productivity metrics dropping of a cliff. When sales reps finally speak with their target, they are viewed by the customer as woefully under-prepared, primarily because today’s customer is privy to endless amounts

Most of the Purchase Decision in B2B Happens Before Contact with Your Company

By the time another business is contacting your business to purchase your product or service, they’re two-thirds to 90 percent of the way through their buying journey. Over half of all B2B buyers begin the process of selecting their next vendor by doing some informal research around the business challenges associated with a problem they’re researching. This is the reality of the world we are living in! B2B buyers don’t have the patience or time