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  • Advertising TechnologyStreaming vs Cable and Broadcast Television

    Streaming Viewership Has Officially Overtaken Cable and Broadcast Television

    The types of ways that viewers are consuming video are plentiful with the advent of the Internet: Cable and Satellite TV: Cable and satellite TV services like Comcast, DirecTV, and Dish Network provide television channels through physical cables or satellite signals. Differentiators include various channels, including premium content and live sports. Key services include channel packages and DVR for recording…

  • Advertising Technology

    Where are Retailers Spending Their Advertising Dollars?

    It appears that some dramatic shifts are taking place on the retail front as it pertains to advertising. Digital technologies are offering measurable opportunities that are driving greater results – and retailers are taking note. I would not misinterpret these results as thinking it’s traditional versus digital marketing. It’s a matter of sophistication. Advertising on television, for instance, is growing in…

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