Atmospheric Marketing and Why Profits May Depend On It

With all of the sites and tools available to us via the web, why don’t we all simply find the lowest price on every product? There are many consumers or businesses that do just that, but the majority of people don’t. I’ve shared online that a few years ago that I changed from driving Fords to a Cadillac. A Ford dealership annoyed me when they charged me a tiny fee to fix a recall issue.

WiFi in Cars? The Auto Industry Doesn’t Understand Me

One of the luxuries I do enjoy in life is a beautiful car. I don’t go on expensive vacations, I live in a blue-collar neighborhood, and I don’t have expensive hobbies… so my car is my treat to myself. I drive a ton of miles every year and enjoy driving to any destination within a couple days drive. My car has 3 HD screens built in – one touch screen in the console and one

GM: You’re Doing Surveys Wrong

After driving my car a decade, I made the decision to go big or go home. Influenced by my Grandfather’s love of his Cadillac and remembering the weekend rides where he took us out… I bought my first Cadillac earlier in the year. The dealership I purchased from is amazing… down to Earth folks from the receptionist, to the salesperson, to the service people. Every time I make an appointment for an oil change (off

Subscription Management Systems: CheddarGetter

This week I got to spend time with the team at Sproutbox, an amazing technology incubator in Bloomington, Indiana. Sproutbox was founded by some elite developers who decided what they loved and what they were good at was taking an idea and bringing it to market as a solution. They do just that for equity in the projects they decide to take to market. I attended today as a finalist for their next Sprout… the