Freshchat: A Unified, Multilingual, Integrated Chat And Chatbot For Your Site

Whether you’re driving leads to your site, engaging shoppers, or providing customer support… theirs an expectation nowadays that every website have an integrated chat capability. While that sounds simple, there’s a lot of complexity with chat… from manning the chat, putting up with spam, auto-responding, routing… it can be quite a headache. Most chat platforms are quite simple… just a relay between your support team and the visitor to your site. That leaves a huge

Pulse: Increase Conversions 10% with Social Proof

Websites that add live social proof banners boost their conversion rates and their credibility. Pulse enables businesses to show notifications of real people taking action on their site. Over 20,000 websites use Pulse and get an average conversion increase of 10%. The location and duration of the notifications can be fully customized and, while they grab the visitor’s attention, they don’t divert attention away from the purpose the visitor is there for. It’s a beautiful

Fomo: Increase Conversions through Social Proof

Anyone who works in the ecommerce space will tell you that the largest factor in overcoming a purchase isn’t price, it’s trust. Buying from a new shopping site takes a leap of faith from a consumer who has never purchased from the site previously. Trust indicators like extended SSL, third-party security monitoring, and ratings and reviews are all critical on commerce sites because they provide the shopper with a sense that they’re working with a

Calendly: Your Online Meeting Scheduler

When Blackberry swallowed Tungle and then ended it, I was truly disappointed. It was so easy for folks to schedule a meeting with me with their platform. I gave TimeTrade a go but it was too confusing… for me and for folks I wanted to schedule meetings with. Last week, Jeb Banner of SmallBox sent me a URL to schedule a meeting with him and I was instantly in love… the platform is called Calendly

About Your Next Meeting

I’ve been thinking a lot about meetings recently. Seth’s post on annual company events inspired me to begin formulating this post. As a person with a business of one employee, I’ve got to be absolutely careful of how many meetings I attend that are non-revenue generating. Each day, I am invited to a meeting – typically a cup of coffee or a lunch. Much of the time, they’re professional relationships or even leads so it’s